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probably the world's smallest fire brigade!

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Copt Hewick Volunteer Fire Brigade is based, loosely, on the volunteer German fire brigades as might be found in the 1980s and 1990s. The source of most of the figures and vehicles, buildings and landscape items is the PLAYMOBIL® range of toys, although many have been customised and some are creations based on a number of PLAYMOBIL® figures or vehicles. The project was the result of an interest in fire engines (real and model) and photography which led to me being a volunteer fire brigade photographer for some years with North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. From these two interests, the idea developed of using PLAYMOBIL® as a basis for displays at fire station open days to raise funds for fire service and related emergency service charities. Over time, the whole project developed further and further into customising figures and vehicles so what is seen here is far beyond what was originally intended. This, however, is the risk you take when you get involved with PLAYMOBIL®!

The incidents depicted are based on actual incidents drawn either from my own experience or from fire brigade websites. I would especially recommend the websites of Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service for its incident detail (click on the brief summary for fuller details), archive of incidents by month and for useful information on other topics, e.g. what to do when driving and an emergency service vehicle is approaching and Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service which has a half-hourly update of incidents in progress as well as good coverage of the appliances of the brigade.

In addition to the world of Copt Hewick Volunteer Fire Brigade, you will also find here photographs of fire engines from around the world and of real incidents I have photographed, plus photos of my collection of model fire engines.


Here you will find details and pictures of Copt Hewick Volunteer Fire Brigade's appliances.

Link to appliances page


Details of allocation of appliances to stations can be found here.


Photos and information on incidents attended by the Brigade can be found here.

Open Days

Photos of the Brigade's Open Day displays at Ripon and Bridlington Fire Stations are here.

A weekend with the fire brigade

From 0630 Friday to 0630 Monday with Copt Hewick Volunteer Fire Brigade, in words and pictures.


Photos of some of my emergency service models, 1:87, 1:43 and other scales, standard and customised.

UK fire brigades

Photos of UK appliances, mainly from the 70s and 80s, posed and working.

Foreign fire brigades

Photos of foreign appliances from Europe, the USA, India, Singapore and Australia and elsewhere.

Real life incidents

Photos of real life incidents attended as a brigade photographer or “picked up” when passing.

Links to Playmobil-related sites

A selection of some of the Playmobil-related sites on the web.

Links to fire-related sites

A selection of links to fire-brigade related sites.


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