Copt Hewick Volunteer Fire Brigade -

probably the world's smallest fire brigade!


The terminology for appliances is based on the German system as Copt Hewick Volunteer Fire Brigade is modelled on a German volunteer fire brigade. Explanations of the abbreviations can be found here


This is now a reserve appliance. It was the most complicated custom to build and photos of its construction can be found here.

TLF8 versions 1 and 2

These are first-call appliances one of which operates from the Old Central Fire Station and the other from the New Town South Fire Station. They differ only in the length of ladder carried.

TFL8 version 3

This newer, simpler design pump operates out of the New Town Central Fire Station as a one of the first-call appliances for the New Town area.

Awaiting images


This more powerful pumping appliance also operates out of the New Town Central Fire Station as a first call appliance


This is the most powerful pump of the brigade and is fitted with a roof monitor. It is based at New Town Central.

In course of construction; awaiting images


Each station has one of these Jeep-based ELW1s which turns out with an officer to every incident.


This is a larger, specialist command and control unit which attends major incidents and is manned by two crew from the control room.

In course of construction; awaiting images


The foam/water carrier is based at the station which serves the southern, rural part of the Brigade's area and where it is also strategically placed for access to motorway incidents.


The water rescue unit is also based at the southern end of the brigade's area handy for the lake and main river region.


The brigade's main turntable ladder runs out of New Town Central which serves the new area with its commercial and industrial areas. It also responds automatically to calls to fire in the Old Town.

PKW - fire investigation unit

This unit, basically a staff car equipped for fire investigation and publicity work, operates from New Town Central, the firefighter being attached to the Training Section, currently based at New Town Central.


This flatbed fitted with a HIAB crane is used to take extra equipment to an incident, e.g. sandbags in case of flooding, foam supplies. It can carry two pallets with cages.


The Brigade's emergency tender/road rescue unit carries specialist cutting equipment and other materials useful at road traffic accidents or similar incidents.

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