Copt Hewick Volunteer Fire Brigade -

probably the world's smallest fire brigade!

RW1 – road rescue unit/emergency tender

The RW1 is fitted with specialist equipment for dealing with road traffic collisions where people are trapped. It is also called to attend other emergencies where its cutting and spreading equipment or other gear such as stabilising jacks is of use. The appliance carries a crew of two and is always supported by one of the LF8 pumps for extra crew resources and a fire-fighting capability in case that is needed. The vehicle is a custom based on the Playmobil 3880 fire engine. The jacks, spreader plates and manual hydraulic system, together with the working air bag are the work of a friend, Tim Western, who is a very gifted model maker, both in his workmanship and in his ability to “see” uses for Playmobil parts for which they were never intended. Tim also made the compressor unit to a design I had seen on a Swiss road rescue unit.

Click on this picture for a detailed view of the equipment carried in the right hand locker.

Click the picture for detailed views of equipment carried in the rear locker.

RW1 left side view
Click on this picture for detailed views of the equipment in the left hand locker.

RW1 top view
Click the picture for more information on the equipment stored on the top of the vehicle.

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