Copt Hewick Volunteer Fire Brigade -

probably the world's smallest fire brigade!

RW1 – road rescue unit/emergency tender, rear locker equipment

The days have gone when the only equipment available for the release of people trapped in a vehicle after an RTC were crowbars, hammers, axes and suchlike. Today, there is a wide range of specialist cutting and spreading equipment, usually hydraulically operated, which can cut through or spread open the bodywork of the most modern vehicle, plus smaller items such as pedal cutters removing control pedals where these are obstructing the release of a casualty's legs or feet.

The compressor and associated cutting and spreading equipment are on a slide out tray. Where the crashed vehicle is away from the road, the compressor can be lifted out and carried to where is it needed. The compressor unit can operate up to two pieces of cutting and/or spreading equipment.

The flexible tubing for connecting the cutters and spreaders to the compressor are stored in a separate slide out tray. Separate lengths can be joined together where it is not possible or unsafe to have the compressor unit close to the vehicle.

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