Copt Hewick Volunteer Fire Brigade -

probably the world's smallest fire brigade!

RW1 – road rescue unit/emergency tender

As more and more equipment becomes available for improving rescue operations, storage space on rescue vehicles becomes more and more in demand. With this unit some equipment has to be stored on the roof in one way or another, not an ideal solution as the equipment is less easy to access.

The large storage box on the roof holds an airbag plus two plates to protect against the risk of puncture by sharp objects which may be under it and not obvious to the crew, e.g. when working at night. The airbag can be raised by using the compressed air from a BA cylinder, and this one, adapted by Tim Western from a “jump cushion” by Playmobil can actually be inflated and easily lifts a large Playmobil vehicle.

Two short, connectable ladders are carried for access, e.g. where a large vehicle is on its side and access is required to the accessible cab door or where a vehicle is down a steep embankment.

Forcible entry tools in the form of a large crowbar, long-handled hammer and axe are carried, together with equipment for cleaning up at the scene, spade and brush and a sack of absorbent granules for dealing with oil, fuel and hydraulic fluid spills.

Showing the storage arrangements for forcible entry and scene safety equipment. Just in the left of the photo can be seen one of the three lights of the stemlight. Scene lighting is also provided by powerful floodlights on each side of the appliance and at the rear. A specialist lighting trailer is also available.

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