Copt Hewick Volunteer Fire Brigade -

probably the world's smallest fire brigade!

TLF16 – 1600 lpm pumping appliance with water tank

The TLF16 is a first call appliance based at the New Central Fire Station which was built to serve the new residential and commercial section of Copt Hewick. The TLF16 is also automatically turned out to calls in the mediaeval Old Town area of Copt Hewick to support, if necessary, the appliances based at the Old Central Fire Station. (See here for more information on the fire stations of the Brigade.)

TLF16 front threequarters view

Rear view locker doors closed

Rear view locker doors closed

Hose couplings, spare branches and small gear are carried in the blue equipment box above the pump, while a foam branch, water branch and hydrant key are carried on the rear doors. A spare hydrant key is also carried in the equipment box. Click the right-hand picture for further photographs.

TLF16 left side view

Two lengths of ladder are carried, a 7m double extension ladder and a 14m double extension ladder, plus a roof ladder.

Two lengths of suction hose are carried on the right hand side of the roof.

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