Copt Hewick Volunteer Fire Brigade -

probably the world's smallest fire brigade!

TLF8s – 800 lpm pumping appliances with water tank, page 2

This original designTLF8 is equipped with a 14m double extension ladder and a roof ladder. Two lengths of suction hose are also carried. Note the stemlight (telescopic lighting mast) on the right.

Another view of the 14m ladder version showing the other equipment carried, a ceiling hook, two 25 litre cans of foam and a spade.

The stemlight or giraffe light extended for use. This is the 7m ladder design TLF8.

The roof equipment box open showing some of the hand tools and fire-fighting equipment carried. Note the spade; a shovel and brush are also carried, stored in the rear locker.

The roof ladder. This is used for safe access at roof level, e.g. in the case of a chimney fire or when dealing with storm damage. The hook goes over the ridge tiles and secures the ladder against slipping down the slope of the roof.

The 800lpm front-mounted pump in use.

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